Stand with Philly's Afghan Community


Press Advisory


PHILADELPHIA, Penn., August 20, 2021—With the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, many Afghans are desperately trying to flee or taking cover for their lives. Afghans who assisted the US forces and related institutions are in special peril.

Certain of these Afghan allies are eligible for special protection and expedited visas from the United States. The US military is currently airlifting these Afghans to safety, but with a visa processing backlog and Taliban control of the Kabul airport perimeter, many Afghan allies have not yet been able to escape. Despite Taliban assurances to the contrary, reports are emerging that Afghan allies still in country are already being targeted. They and their families are in mortal danger.

Philadelphia is one of 19 cities across the US to resettle Afghan allies. It has a robust Afghan community in the Northeast, concentrated around Oxford Circle.

In order to show support for the people of Afghanistan and our Afghan community here in Philadelphia, three local refugee resettlement agencies—Nationalities Service Center, HIAS Pennsylvania, and Bethany Christian Services—and the Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs will hold an event in conjunction with the local Afghan community this Sunday at 5pm at Tarken Recreation Center in Northeast Philadelphia. The event is free and open to the public.

The purpose of the event is to stand in solidarity, and to advocate for safe travel and expedited processing for those fleeing persecution. Attendees are welcome to make signs sharing messages of support and solidarity. The event will feature remarks and a prayer from community leaders.

Margaret O’Sullivan, NSC’s Executive Director, and Cathryn Miller-Wilson, HIAS PA’s Executive Director, will be in attendance.


Event: Stand with Philly's Afghan Community

Date and Time: Sunday, August 22, 2021, at 5pm

Location: Tarken Recreation Center, 6250 Frontenec Street, Philadelphia, PA 19111


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