English Classes

Students play alphabet bingo on a blanket at a park to practice English

Our program is open to all adults (over 16) interested in learning English!

To register for classes, come to NSC during the enrollment period.

  • We offer rolling enrollment in four sessions a year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall).
  • We offer in-person classes (at the NSC office). 
    • Classes meet twice a week, for 10 weeks in-person (2 hours each session, $180 per student - includes workbook)
    • Seven levels of classes are offered, from Beginner to Advanced  
  • We offer online classes (Zoom)
    • Online classes meet twice a week, for 8 weeks online (1.5 hours each session, $125 per student)
    • Four levels of classes are offered, from Beginner to Advanced
  • Classes are focused on speaking.
  • Students receive a certificate for attending half the class sessions or more.  

To register as a new student for Summer 2023:

  1. Fill out the Student Information Form
  2. Participate in an English assessment 
    • Please come to NSC after May 22, Monday-Thursday, from 9 am-6 pm
    • Contact us by phone if you cannot come to the office during these hours.
  3. Choose your class time and pay (cash or credit) 

Call us (215) 609-1525 or email Betsy O'Neil Smith (boneilsmith@nscphila.org) for help with registering OR if you are a returning student.

Our Approach

We use an integrated skills approach that combines skills in the classroom for a richer learning experience.  By integrating all language skills — listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary — we help students learn the whole of the language, rather than specific pieces. For In-person classes, NSC offers Integrated Skills at seven different proficiency levels. For online classes, NSC offers the following four levels:

  • Beginner 
    Students learn fundamental language skills needed in the classroom and in daily life, with emphasis on speaking and listening. 

  • Intermediate
    Students develop language skills beyond survival English, in order to respond appropriately and independently in familiar situations.

  • High Intermediate
    Students refine language skills and develop the ability to use English spontaneously and in some unfamiliar situations.

  • Advanced
    Students refine fluency and communication skills and begin to express complex ideas with fluency and accuracy, including developing control of advanced grammatical structures.

Facts about our program:

  • Top languages spoken by NSC English Language Learners: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Arabic, Portuguese.  
  • In 2019-20, we served 465 students. 
  • In 2020-21, we filled 67 ESOL Volunteer Teacher slots.