Referral Process

What population does NSC serve? Each year, NSC serves 5,000 immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, survivors of torture, survivors of domestic violence and crimes from 120 countries.

Does immigration status affect referrals? NSC serves clients regardless of immigration status. Some programs have restrictions on who they serve, however, so please refer to Brief Program Description (linked below).

Does NSC offer case management? NSC does not offer general case management; however, clients enrolled in our programs receive case management.

When is an individual or family eligible for NSC programs? To determine eligibility, please refer to individual program descriptions and contact the appropriate staff member listed.

What is NSC’s referral process? External providers can email the program lead listed in the Brief Program, linked below.

Does a client have to be referred by an external provider? No. Clients can self-refer by either emailing the program lead listed on the Brief Program Description or calling NSC to request more information

Does NSC offer housing, employment, and mental health, and physical health services? Clients must be enrolled in an NSC case management program to receive these specialized services.

How long do clients typically stay enrolled in a program at NSC? Clients typically are enrolled for 3-12 months; however, some may be enrolled for longer depending on program guidelines and individual circumstances.

Does NSC have walk in hours? NSC does not take walk-in clients and all clients must have an appointment.

Does NSC provide emergency assistance? NSC does not provide emergency assistance. Normal working hours for non-emergency inquiries are M-F, 9am-5pm.

Does NSC provide language interpretation? NSC provides language interpretation in all languages.

Service Providers