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Call to Action

Immigration News 

Please reach out to your Congressional members TODAY and demand that ALL immigrants be in included in COVID-19 relief measures:

  • Allow people to obtain health coverage under Medicaid, regardless of their immigration status, so that they can get COVID-19 testing and other care that they need;

  • End DHS, ICE, and CBP enforcement operations that terrorize immigrants who should be seeking medical treatment, and release immigrants from health-risky detention centers to their families.

  • Provide support for small business (including non-profits, independent contractors, gig and other vulnerable workers) so they can meet payroll and other obligations; and

  • Include ALL WORKERS in unemployment compensation.

Find your Representatives and Senators and demand that all immigrants and refugees - including those on the frontlines responding to this pandemic, those impacted, and those who will help to rebuild our economy - are included in relief packages for this country.