Services We Provide

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Accuracy is our first priority.


  • A qualified interpreter from NSC can help you avoid costly or even life-threatening mistakes.
  • Our interpreters are native speakers and consummate professionals with strong qualifications in their fields.
  • We offer specialized interpretation in fields like law and medicine.
  • We're comfortable working with interpreting situations of different sizes, and we'll do it on your schedule, whether you are planning ahead or need interpretation ASAP.
  • Call us or request a quote online and we'll get in touch with you right away.


  • We are a full-service translation agency.
  • We translate more than 150 languages, both into English and from English into other languages.
  • We work with dozens of industries on a wide range of materials, including government documents, instruction manuals, training materials, academic research, marketing research, medical records, signs, surveys, menus, and legal documents.

Our Process

  • We review documents thoroughly before we quote a price so that you'll never get any surprises on your final invoice.
  • Once you've approved our surprisingly affordable costs, we match you with a qualified professional translator.
  • Our translators have years of experience and are active in professional associations; all are native speakers of the language into which they translate.
  • We work closely with them to confirm that their translations are appropriate to the region, dialect, culture, industry, and context of the target audience.

On Machine Translation

  • Your documents are  translated by qualified, professional human beings with relevant experience.We never use machine translation. Period.
  • We use technology to enhance our linguists' capabilities, not to substitute for them.
  • Once the document has been translated by a native speaker, we engage a second linguist to edit and proofread the translation thoroughly, a crucial step in accurate translation that is often skipped by many larger agencies.
  • Finally, our project manager reviews the translation and adjusts all formatting to ensure that the finished product is the polished, accurate document you need.