To keep NSC clients and staff healthy and safe, ESL classes and in-person appointments have been suspended until further notice. NSC clients should contact their case manager by phone for the time being. | Want to learn more about coronavirus (COVID-19)? Click here.

Spring 2020 Classes--CANCELLED

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Due to the situation with COVID-19, NSC has CANCELLED Spring classes. We are NOT registering students for Spring classes. Please check back to this page or our Facebook page ( for updates on our next session or other NSC ESL programming.

NSC Ten Week Spring Session--CANCELLED

April 6 - June 15, 2020


March 2 - April 3, 2020

  • Classes are $200* for 10 weeks (20 classes/50 hours).
  • Registration takes place Monday - Friday: 9am - 5 pm

*Costs vary for specialized classes.

Class Times

Each class meets twice a week, at one of the following times: 

  • Monday and Wednesday mornings
  • Monday and Wednesday afternoons
    (Citizenship Prep)
  • Monday and Wednesday evenings
  • Tuesday and Thursday mornings
  • Tuesday and Thursday afternoons
    (Advanced Conversation)
  • Tuesday and Thursday evenings

Class Offerings

We use an integrated skills approach widely utilized in contemporary education at the school, college, and university level. It is an approach that combines skills in the classroom for a richer learning experience.  By integrating all language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, we ensure that students learn the whole of the language, rather than specific pieces. NSC offers Integrated Skills at seven different proficiency levels.

  • English 1 - Literacy
    Students learn fundamental language skills neeeded in the classroom and in daily life, including basic reading and writing.

  • English 1
    Students learn fundamental language skills needed in the classroom and in daily life, with emphasis on speaking and listening.

  • English 2
    Students build on basic speaking and listening skills, with expansion of reading and writing skills and introduction of basic grammar.

  • English 3
    Students continue to develop their language skills in order to be able to use English comfortably at work/school and in daily life.

  • English 4
    Students develop language skills beyond survival English, in order to respond appropriately and independently in familiar situations.

  • English 5
    Students refine language skills and develop the ability to use English spontaneously and in some unfamiliar situations.

  • English 6
    Students refine fluency and communication skills and begin to express complex ideas with fluency and accuracy.

  • English 7
    Students develop control of advanced grammatical structures and the ability to express complex ideas fluently and accurately.

  • English 7 - Reading & Writing
    Students will be able to read and understand English at the level of a New York Times reader. The class involves learning a large vocabulary and many informal expressions and idioms. It also demands that students be able to understand and discuss topics at an advanced level.

  • Advanced Convsersation*
    Students who test into level 6 or 7 are eligible for this class. They will learn how to improve their pronunciation, enhance their conversation skills, and speak English with more ease. *Cost of $230 including book.

  • Citizenship Preparation*
    Students practice the 100 official civics test questions for the US citizenship test and refine their language skills to meet the English requirements of the test. (This class is taught in English, and students must have conversational English ability and basic reading and writing ability in order to enroll). *Cost of $30 for book, no charge for tuition.

Current Session

Winter 2020--CLASSES CANCELLED 3/16 - 3/25

January 13 - March 25, 2020

No class on January 20th or February 17th. 

(Registration is closed for winter classes.)

Upcoming Sessions

Spring 2020--CANCELLED

April 6 - June 15
(Registration: March 2 - April 3) REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

Summer 2020

June 29 - September 3

(Registration: May 26 - June 26)

Fall 2020

September 29 - December 10

(Registration: August 24 - September 25)