Jesselyn Jimenez
Youth Wellness Coordinator

Health and Wellness

Jesselyn began working at NSC in 2021 as a Ready 4 Life intern with the Youth Wellness team. In 2022, she joined Youth Wellness as a full-time case manager and is now the current Youth Wellness Program Coordinator. She has past experience in the mental health field working as a mobile crisis worker in Montgomery County. Jesselyn earned her bachelor's degree in criminal justice from Temple University. Jesselyn is passionate about immigrant's right to work, live, and succeed in their communities. Jesselyn's role focuses on the GROW Together program which helps immigrant and refugee youth learn communication and life skills. 

Jesselyn was born and raised in Long Island City, New York until moving to Hazleton, PA in 2006. She is a second-generation immigrant by way of her parents who immigrated to the United States from Dominican Republic in their early 20s. She keeps her family, who have fled their homelands in pursuit of a better and safer life, in mind while she continues to grow at NSC.