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Pathways to Permanency (P2P)

NSC’s Pathway to Permanency (P2P) program partners with pro bono lawyers in the Philadelphia area to assist refugees and asylees obtain legal permanent residency (green card) and U.S. citizenship. P2P also supports clients in reuniting with family members abroad through the Priority P3 Family Reunification program.  

Services Provided:

  • Our Green Card Clinic provides:
    • Assistance in collecting personal and medical documentation
    • Scheduling I-693 medical examinations
    • Connecting clients to pro-bono legal counsel
  • The NSC Green Card Clinic is free of cost to clients 
  • P2P also does Priority 3 Family Reunification applications for eligible clients.
    • Eligible clients may petition for their parents, spouses, or unmarried children under 21 through P3 for family reunification  

Green Card Clinic Eligibility: 

  • Those admitted to the United States as a refugee or granted asylum  
  • Residing in the United States for at least one year  
  • Clients must undergo an I-693 Medical Examination by a USCIS certified Civil Surgeon prior to green card application submission. This exam must be completed within 60 days of submission, and the cost must be assumed by the client.  

Priority 3 (P3) Eligibility:  

  • U.S.-based family member  
    • Admitted as a refugee, SIV, or granted asylum within past 5 years  
    • At least 18 years old at time of filing  
  • Qualifying family member (overseas)  
    • Parent(s), spouse, and/or unmarried children under 21 (plus certain dependents)  
    • Living outside country of origin
    • Registered as a refugee