Taking Risks Is Part of the Territory for These Philadelphia Nonprofits

Press Coverage 
  • Photo credit: A Syn (Nonprofit Quarterly)

"Like so many other nonprofits, Nationalities Service Center in Philadelphia had a rough year in 2017. However, their commitment to their mission, their resilience, and their smart planning allowed them to survive into 2018 and hopefully beyond.

Last year was tough for many nonprofits and their allies across the spectrum of civil service, but refugee aid and resettlement agencies suffered particularly. The legal tussles over the travel ban and its ultimate implementation, the attempts to eliminate DACA, the ending of TPS for Salvadoran refugees, the limits placed on the number of refugees allowed in, and the forced closures of smaller refugee centers are just some of the blows to the ability of these organizations to welcome, protect, and support refugees arriving in the US. Just yesterday, mere months after the UN reported that 65.6 million refugees have been forcibly displaced from their homes, the president made a foul comment about the countries from which many refugees hail, indicating that residents of poor, Black nations are unwelcome."

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