NSC Stands with Immigrant Rights Organizations and Allies in Support of Clean Dream Act


Since the announcement in September of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) nonrenewal, many young immigrants have been living through a period of uncertainty and worry concerning their future status. This, underscored by a political operating environment of unwelcome, has cast a significant amount of fear and unease on the immigrant communities that Nationalities Service Center is committed to serving.

However, these challenges have not occured without innovative responses; alongside gestures of solidarity from organizations and the public alike, proposed legislation has emerged to safeguard the rights and livelihoods of young immigrants and their communities. Today, together with 120 other immigrants rights and allied progressive organizations, NSC urged congressional leaders to pass what is being called the "Clean Dream Act."

Alongside other key protections for immigrant communities, the Clean Dream Act would provide an accessible pathway to citizenship for immigrant youth who came to the US as children. NSC strongly supports this legislation as a compassionate and appropriate protection for the hundreds of thousands of youth it would safeguard, while refusing to sacrifice the well being of immigrant communities with increased funding for ICE, detention centers, border security, and other harmful factors.

Congress only has two weeks to pass the Clean Dream Act, and NSC urges all its supporters to educate themselves about the issue and get involved as much as you are able.

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