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"In December, the Trump administration ordered nonprofits that receive federal funding for refugee resettlement to close any sites around the country receiving fewer than 100 refugees.

Dozens of closures of branch offices are now expected over the next several months, the latest setback for organizations which handle everything from picking up refugees from the airport to finding them apartments and teaching basic skills for navigating life in the U.S.

The number of arrivals has been dropping since President Donald Trump took office. Margaret O’Sullivan, executive director of the Nationalities Service Center in Philadelphia, said its current class for recently arrived refugees is much smaller than usual. The course teaches skills like how to apply for jobs in the United States. Her office would not be slated for closure under the new rules. However, between October and the end of December, Sullivan noted, “We'll have resettled 45 refugees. Last year the same period of time it was 146.”

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