The Inquirer reports on Philadelphia ICE office

Philadelphia ICE field office arrests more immigrants without criminal convictions than any other ICE region: 64 percent of its "at-large" arrests last year. ..."At large" arrests.. are the ones that terrify the immigrant community, break up families, disrupt workplaces, and drive people further into the shadows.

The Inquirer recently launched a series titled "No Sanctuary," which reports and reflects on the increased policing on our city's most vulnerable immigrant populations. NSC has been fighting back against these aggressive tactics by representing people who have been arrested and detained by ICE. NSC’s lawyers represent detained clients in bond hearings that help them get back to their families as quickly as possible, and in motions to suppress challenging ICE’s unconstitutional practices. As Part III of the series describes, getting justice for our clients in these cases is an uphill battle, and we’ve had to appeal to the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Third Circuit. We need the additional support of our community to continue advocating for our clients and fighting back against ICE’s egregious practices here in Pennsylvania.

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