Zoom Event: NSC's Response to Asylum Seekers from Texas

Zoom event information with image of Steven Larin

Since November 2022, Philadelphia has welcomed more than 800 asylum seekers who were sent by bus from Texas. The city, immigrant-serving nonprofits, and immigrant leaders organized to greet each person with dignity and welcome. Along with many partners, NSC has been part of the response to these buses. Please join us to learn more about the response and what NSC has been doing for the past several months to ensure those arriving understand their rights and have access to the resources available to them. (Read more about how you can support these efforts.)

During this Zoom event, NSC's Deputy Director Steven Larín will discuss NSC's response and the bigger picture. 

If you are interested in attending, please sign up below — Anyone is welcome to join! 

This is a part of the NSC's Volunteer Event series. NSC regularly hosts events for volunteers and other NSC supporters to learn about a topic and meet one another. Some will be in person and some virtual. We hope to see you there.