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Employment Readiness & Placement program (ERP)

The Employment Readiness and Placement (ERP) Program is a state-funded employment program designed to assist refugees, asylees, and eligible immigrants who have been in the United States for less than 5 years. The ERP team uses a strength-based, client-focused approach to help clients achieve self-sufficiency and future upward mobility. 

Services Provided:

  • Case Management: We provide intensive services to address barriers to employment and to promote self-sufficiency. We develop service plans to identify needs and create a plan for follow up. Services may include public benefits applications, health access, financial literacy, school enrollment, and more.
  • Employment Services including:
    • Job placements or upgrades with local employers;
    • Interview/job application assistance;
    • Transportation orientations; and
    • Job retention support.
  • Career Coaching: We provide one-on-one coaching to create personalized career plans with achievable steps and goals. We may assist clients by identifying relevant trainings or other educational programs to pursue a particular career. We also offer workshops and advanced Career Readiness courses year-round.
  • English Classes: We provide in-person and virtual English classes, as well as referrals to external ESL partners. English classes are offered in six levels: Pre-Literate, Low Beginner, High Beginner, Low Intermediate, High Intermediate, and Advanced.

Key Facts:

  • We have an 86% success rate in placing clients in full-time and part-time work.
  • Our clients earn on average $15.25 an hour.
  • Through our partnership with the welfare office, immigrant welfare cash recipients can participate in our Vocational English Learning program to satisfy their job search requirements in a linguistically and culturally appropriate setting.