To keep NSC clients and staff healthy and safe, ESL classes and in-person appointments have been suspended until further notice. | Virtual ESL classes? Click here to register for the summer session!

We’re in this Together

Help us get to $250,000 in emergency assistance for our clients

COVID-19 has circulated across the globe, infecting hundreds of thousands, overwhelming healthcare systems, shutting down cities, and tanking the global economy. And we’re all feeling the impact, as we resign ourselves to more isolation and uncertainty than we’re used to.

But as coronavirus shutters the Philadelphia region, it’s the most vulnerable who feel the brunt of it. For clients who are able to work, they typically earn an average of $11.15  in warehouses, retail, food packing, and food services. A staggering 76% lack benefits. Given the nature of their work, most don’t have the luxury of working from home. When their shifts are cut, our clients and their families are put into a position of desperation.

Meanwhile, given the Public Charge Rule, many clients are too afraid to seek food assistance. Some are pursuing visas that disqualify them for unemployment. This perfect storm means that our clients are both most likely to lose their jobs, and least-equipped to cope with a loss of income. To make matters worse, immigrants often live in crowded housing, which makes infection more likely, while fear or a lack of health insurance makes them less likely to seek out treatment when they need it. That makes them especially vulnerable to coronavirus. 

But NSC is still here, helping our clients get through this unusually tough time. We’re finding new means of providing the same critical services. From conducting check-ins by phone to running the office remotely, from finding virtual alternatives to delivering groceries and toiletries to clients’ doorsteps, we are rising to the challenge.

When times get tough, we find out what we’re made of. Together, let’s protect the most vulnerable. Please help us raise $250,000 to meet our clients’ survival needs by making an emergency gift to our “We’re in this Together” Campaign.

“The clients at NSC are new to our communities, and in many cases they are living on the fringe of our society, as they work hard to assimilate and start a new chapter in a new country. Their journeys have already been arduous, and now, they're being laid off, needing to feed children whose schools are closed and provide basic supplies to support their loved ones. I want to make sure fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons have food, medicine, and supplies to weather this storm. NSC is a trustworthy organization that I've supported for several years, which is why I'm contributing to this fund. I ask you to consider contributing to this fund so our diverse community can survive this, together.”  — Kara Oldhouser, NSC supporter