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We Are Neighbors

Lets us unite, hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder.

Beginning in February, NSC, in partnership with dedicated volunteers and partners, interviewed 30 refugees and asked them to respond to one simple question.  We wanted them to tell us what they wanted their new neighbors to know about them.  Their responses reminded us that we have more in common than we think.   A refugee child from Syria shared that they wanted their new neighbors to know that they loved playing with legos as much as they did.  They shared their desire to be accepted and given a chance to contribute.  Their responses were filled with great hope and humility. They expressed their pride and gratitutde for acts of kindness that had been shared with them and their feelings of being overwhelmed at times. The desire to live in peace was a central theme.  They may have arrived as refugees but now want to be our neighbors. They want to be a Philadelphian.