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Short Story from ESL Student


NSC’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program offers differentiated instruction with the intention of meeting the diverse needs of all the language learners that come through our doors. In a recent session of one of our more advanced classes, students were asked to write a short story based off of a painting chosen by the volunteer teacher. We were particularly impressed by the story of Nesrine Chibah, who is from Algeria: 

Adam was in his thirties. He was a very shy guy and did computer engineering for a living. One night, from his balcony, he saw a beautiful woman sitting on her couch at the neighbor's house looking at him. After a few nights he noticed how beautiful that young lady was in her white dress that made her look like an angel.
After that he spent all his days thinking about this woman and he couldn't wait anymore to see her again, and he was thinking also that this woman was every night there waiting for him, just to see him...
He was very happy in this mute relationship since he wasn't an outgoing person. They were just using signs to communicate together, but in reality he was imagining that she was interacting by moving her head. Adam was living a love story with this beautiful lady and after one year he decided to go to her home and talk to her. Once at her door he couldn’t knock on it, he came back to his home sad and disappointed and decided to not meet his beloved again, but after a few days he understood he couldn't live without her and came back to her home and knocked on her door. An old man opened the door for him.
Adam: Good evening sir, can I talk to your daughter?
The old man: I don't have a daughter, you may have knocked on the wrong door.
Adam: No sir, I'm sure she lives here, I saw her every night for a year.
The old man: My wife and I were travelling all last year, could you tell me more about this lady?
Adam: All that I know about her is that she wore a white dress every time I saw her and was sitting on a couch.
The old man: Sorry, but are you serious?
Adam: Yes sir, I'm not crazy.
The old man invited Adam into his living room.
The old man: Is she the one you were asking about?
Adam: Oh my God! Yes! She is! Yes...
The old man: Oh my son! It is a doll, a dummy. I put it here just to give the impression that the house wasn't empty because I was afraid to be robbed while I was away.



Photo copyright Jamie Wyeth. "Whale" 1978.