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PPR Family Picnic


The Philadelphia Partnership for Resilience (PPR) program at NSC serves individuals who are survivors of torture and their families. The program provides connections to resources and programming to help clients heal from their past trauma and navigate their lives in the United States. In addition to this, PPR promotes mental well-being by engaging clients in wellness activities, therapeutic arts and community building activities. This past August, PPR hosted their 2nd annual family picnic to bring together current and former clients and continue to promote a sense of community among those who have survived unspeakable horrors and are working to rebuild new lives.

On the day of the picnic, clients met at NSC and walked as a group to Franklin Square Park. It was a beautiful, sunny day and clients came with their children and friends to enjoy the day. Thanks to a local restaurant and various donations, we were able to provide clients a picnic of vegetarian rice, kebabs, Chana Masala, salad, and desserts. And thanks to Franklin Square Park, clients and their children were able to play free games of mini-golf and ride the carousel at discounted rates.

A volunteer from Build-A-Bridge brought a guitar, drums, and other musical instruments that clients’ children took turns playing. There were also coloring and craft activities that even adults got involved in as they sat with their kids. While there were various games and activities planned for the day, it was clear that everyone was enjoying simply spending time with their families and friends. Rather than following a schedule, it was important to give clients time to do things they may not always be able to do: to spend time outdoors, playing with their children. The small playground at Franklin Square was the perfect place to let the children run around.

This year’s PPR annual family picnic was also held in honor of International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, June 26, 2017. This year, Mayor Jim Kenney released a proclamation recognizing Philadelphia and PPR as supporters of survivors of torture and as allies as we continue to work and support those who have experienced such violent events in their lives. In a statement this day, Mayor Jim Kenney and Miriam Enriquez, director of the Office of Immigrant Affairs, stated:

“Our current times call for increased compassion and respect for our neighbors across the world.  In Philadelphia, we will continue to honor our shared human experience and denounce inhumane practices of torture and the withholding of human rights.”

This is something that NSC and Philadelphia Partnership for Resilience will continue to do as well.