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"NSC the Banner of Hope" --client Pierre Arthur Laure dedicates poem to NSC

Like an oasis on a dry desert NSC is for us the refuge of the refugees

This poem was written and dedicated by Pierre Arthur Laure on April 20th, 2018. 

NSC the Banner of hope

In a world where conflict and war give birth to calamities

Mankind selfishness and wickedness create Chaos all over the town

The city, the country, the region even the whole continent

When Men and women, toddlers and children have not asked

More than to live in peace and enjoy life to the fullest

When we are exploited, Sold as drudge, treated like Slave

We doubt, we question ourselves and others, we scare to death

for our lives; we cry for help, It is like crying in the desert

It is navigate during the night on a troubled sea with a boat without compass

It seems there is no body there or they are simply deaf !

The situation seems hopeless... until, finally; we hear NSC's voice from far away

This is the first step of the Healing pathway. It is so refreshing!

NSC holds our shaking hands to lead us to a welcome and secure environment

Whether we're black, yellow white and green we are treated with respect and dignity

NSC helps us rediscover or experience that peace we've been looking for

Like an oasis on a dry desert NSC is for us the refuge of the refugees

And a haven in this troubling world.

We pray God for the people who are supporting NSC because we know

Without you, NSC would be a simple, cold acronym that wouldn’t have had

Any meaning for us all. Thank you a billion times because

You give us our smiles back without even knowing it. You give us the hope back

Thank you again for being this light when we were in the dark.

Because of NSC our future also our family's future is bright.