Job Training Helps Refugee Find Meaningful Work

I want people to know how I improved.

Nang, a refugee from Burma, always had a passion for sewing. She taught herself how to operate sewing machines while working at a clothing factory in Thailand for eight years. She was specifically assigned to cutting, but on her lunch breaks, she would sneak off to a sewing station to teach herself essential sewing skills.  For some sewing orders, she and the rest of the workers would have to work all day, take a small break, and then all night to finish a work order.  Nang’s experience in Thailand and in other countries instilled a strong work ethic in herself before she came to the United States.

Then when she came to the United States she was assisted in accessing job training and placement support. Nang was a dedicated student in our sewing classes sponsored in partnership with MADE studios. There Nang Learned how to finish hems, create sleeves, operate an industrial machine, and other sewing fundamentals.  Nang commented that the “teacher was very nice, and pays attention to students.” All of the sewing skills she learned from the class, along with the help from the NSC Employment Team, helped her become a full-time Seamstress with Cintas in West Philadelphia.

While at Cintas, Nang continued learning more sewing skills by making alterations for uniforms and clothes used by the US Army, doctors, restaurants, and car manufacturers, like BMW. In her free time, Nang also works a second job with Temple University and attends ESL classes. Her ability to prioritize her time with two jobs and ESL classes demonstrates her eagerness to continuously learn new skills and the drive to “take care of herself.”

Nang ultimately aspires to be an independent designer and entrepreneur. She wants to start her own sewing business doing design and tailoring. She is extremely grateful for all of the help she received from NSC and said, “I want people to know how I improved from NSC. I will never forget.”