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A Job I Love and a City to Call Home

I want to live in freedom, peace, and to have a permanent place to call home.

Fiston and his two brothers lost their mother to an illness, and their father to a still and possibly forever unknown faith in the war ravaged country of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Central Africa. Fiston’s wishes to seek refuge in the U.S. were driven by the hope to “live in freedom, peace, and to have a permanent place to call home” without the fear of being forced to flee constantly. The realities of a never ending war forced Fiston to quickly adapt to the cycle of fleeing and temporarily adjusting to varying environments in and out of refugee camps. 

Within a few weeks of being resettled in Philadelphia, Fiston, true to form, easily adjusted to life in the city. His innate understanding of the need for early self-sufficiency enabled him to quickly succeed in getting his first job in the U.S. as a Passenger Assistant at Prospect Airport Services (“Prospect”) through the support of NSC’s Employment Team.

After an initial transportation issue, which prevented his ability to report to his 6 am scheduled shift, Fiston immediately took accountability and vowed to never let it happen again. Motivated by the interest of always being on time to work, and rechanneling his monthly transportation expense, Fiston began saving for a car. His position at Prospect afforded him the chance to save for the first three months in order to obtain his driving license and purchase his first car.

Fiston focuses on providing welcoming, professional and efficient services to airport passengers, a job he “loves”.  Not surprisingly, Fiston relayed that his supervisors view him as “one they can always call on because they know I am reliable and can get the work done very fast.”  Additionally, in clear reflection of the camaraderie and trust he has managed to develop with his colleagues, Fiston noted that his co-workers often request to the supervisor that they be stationed close to him.

Fiston’s exercise of professional and financial accountability early on serves as a catalyst to achieve his ultimate goal of advancing his education while at the same time being a top performer in his chosen profession.