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The ESL Graduate: A Short Interview with Nika White

...studying English in NSC was precious and unforgettable and I miss that time very much.


The Language Access Program interviewed Nika White, graduate of several ESL classes at NSC. Nika enrolled in Beginner Conversation, her first ESL class, in December of 2010. She went on to complete Intermediate I, II, and III, and Advanced in 2012. She spent close to two years building her English language skills at NSC. Since then, Nika has obtained her certification in personal training. She also serves as a Group Fitness Instructor and Nutrition Consultant.  

Could you tell us more about yourself?

I tried to find myself here and use all my life experience. Finally, I decided to build up my carrier in Fitness. Healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits and helping people were always my priorities in life. Last year I took a course in NPTI of Philadelphia and got a Diploma of personal trainer and nutrition consultant. I am working now in Training Aspects gym in Voorhees, NJ and help my clients to become healthier. I am moving towards my goals. It became possible only after taking English classes in NSC and improving it to the level I have now. I love to learn something new, like reading paper books. I am a goal-oriented person. I can’t do anything halfway, so I get myself into it completely. 

How did you learn about our ESL courses?

I have been looking for ESL courses near Cherry Hill, NJ for a long time. By accident, the lady from my husband's work told us about NSC in Philadelphia.

Could you describe your decision to enroll in ESL courses?

We decided to go to NSC right the next day. I took a test to find out my English level and registered for the first coming class. It was both scary and exciting to start learning English with foreign students. But, at the same time, It was very interesting.

What did you like most about ESL courses at NSC?

Every student in class could go to the front of the class and write on the board; we played role games, doing by that different teacher's tasks and projects. We had a great opportunity to speak in English a lot. We studied the history of each country our students in class. I loved and enjoyed doing home work. To prepare for the next lesson we would read lots of books, magazines, use dictionaries; we would come up with different stories and fairy-tales, and find lots of information online. We had some practices when we would go outside with some teacher's task to talk to other people on the street in order to break the language barrier by that. We used worksheets, different cards and play interesting games. We learnt a lot about American History and it helped me later successfully passed my US Naturalization exam. The teachers were very creative in making each class and I remember the style of every one of them. I absolutely loved the tradition at the end of class session when every student would bring the national dishes and foods and it would give us more opportunity for great communication and an exchange of our cultures and traditions. I would like to mention the most important part In NSC I met a lot of good friends. The time of studying English in NSC was precious and unforgettable and I miss that time very much.

What was the most important thing you learned in your ESL course?

I realized that English is not as hard as it might seem. It just takes some time and hard work to learn it, but the process of learning may be quite interesting.

Any words of wisdom for current ESL students?

To all current and future students I wish never lose the opportunity to learn English in NSC. Don't ever be afraid of starting something new. Perhaps...the new idea will be born or new goals in life will be found while studying in this centre. I wish all students to find themselves and their right and best path in life.