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Sayed Kalimullah Barialai Aqeli

Job Developer

Sayed Kalimullah Barialai Aqeli joined the NSC Employment Team in November 2021 as a Job Developer. Sayed originally hails from Afghanistan where he attended Bakhtar University and received his Bachelor of Business Administration. He has held many different jobs including the Chief Editor and News Journalist for US and NATO in Afghanistan, and also served as an interpreter for US and NATO troops in Afghanistan. Sayed has received multiple awards and certificates of appreciation for his hard work. Sayed is fluent in Dari, Farsi, Pashto, Hindi, German and English. In the fall of 2021, he used his language skills to work as an interpreter for Catalyst at the Philadelphia International Airport where he helped interpret for Afghan evacuees arriving in the US. He is currently studying to be a Business Analyst in Secure Information Technology. Outside of work, Sayed enjoys spending time with his family and following soccer.