Sarah Bouayad

PPR Case Manager

Sarah Bouayad is a case manager on the Philadelphia Partnership for Resilience Team. As a first generation American, she witnessed on a personal level the hardships facing families with little resources or support--an experience that she carried with her during her upbringing in her home country of Morocco. Before making the decision to continue her education in Philadelphia in 2015, she worked closely with immigrants in Casablanca on a collegiate level, motivating her to pursue a Bachelor's degree in International Relations, French and Leadership Global Understanding at La Salle University.

Her passion to take action was furthered when she traveled to Dharmasala, India with her class focusing on Tibetan liberation. There, she worked with Students for Free Tibet to assist and aid former Tibetan political prisoners. This experience influenced her to now aspire to further her education by specializing in international humanitarian law and pursue work with non-profit organizations. In the future, she hopes to transition to working in the field with immigrants and refugees at borders.