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Natalia Alvarez-Figueroa, MMT, MT-B

Music Therapist

Natalia Alvarez-Figueroa is a Music Therapist at NSC. Afro Latina, born and raised in Puerto Rico, Natalia came to Philadelphia as an undergraduate transfer over 10 years ago.  Natalia had a background in music education, before transitioning to music therapy. Natalia holds a master's degree in music therapy and is a board-certified music therapist working in the trauma field since 2012. Natalia has complete training in TF-CBT and is a bilingual (Spanish/English) professional. Natalia has conducted and presented qualitative research focusing on the importance of cultural humility when effectively working with individuals who have experienced trauma. Natalia has developed and teaches a six-week course for white aspiring allies, focusing on cognitive behavioral approaches to uncover and challenge biased automatic thoughts. Natalia facilitates trainings, consults and participates as a reviewer for ongoing research, assisting teachers, professors and institutions, within the intersections of topics mentioned above.