Merthus Mbonigaba

Farm Manager

Merthus Mbonigaba joined NSC as the Farm Manager in 2016. Merthus is responsible for advertising NSC's two community gardens to clients so that they can grow their own produce and increase their food security. He completed the Urban Farmers Training in August 2016 and uses his background in teaching agriculture in Namibia to teach Philadelphia gardeners how to best utilize their garden plots. Merthus and his team of Entrepreneurial Growers are also responsible for growing and donating produce to NSC for newly arrived refugees.

Merthus is happy to work for an organization that serves vulnerable populations who are new to this country. Merthus graduated from the Institut Technique Medical de Lemera in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a degree in nursing. His past work experience includes working as a nurse in the DRC and Burundi as well as teaching agriculture in a primary school in Namibia.