Luisela Sugalski

Job Coach

Luisela Sugalski is a profesional with over 10 years of experience in activities related to employment services, human resources, recruiting, training and, project management.

In NSC, Luisela serves as a Job Coach in the team of employment services for newly arrived refugees, where she is responsible for planning, developing and conducting workshops to improve their abilities as job seekers as well as their understanding of the US work culture. She also provides with career counseling; where she assists our clients in the  development and execution of a career plan that will lead them to continue their education in the US.

In Venezuela, Luisela obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Organizational from Central University of Venezuela (UCV). She also holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management & Direction from European School of Business (EUDE) in Spain where she was granted with a scholarship. Luisela currently holds a certification in Global Mobility and Talent with Worldwide ERC in Arlington, VA.