Dara Hameed

PPR Case Manager

Dara Hameed is a case manager for the Philadelphia Partnership for Resilience Team. Before joining NSC, he served as Case Coordinator with the aging and disabilities through OLTL.

Educationally, Dara studied political science at Salahaddin University in Iraq, and received his Masters in Regional Studies at Russia's Voronezh State University in 2012. Subsequent to his time in Russia, he was a lecturer in the Political Science department at Salahaddin University.

Additionally, Dara has attended several training workshops internationally. For investigative journalism, he attended workshops in Amman and Copenhagen in 2008. In 2009, he attended a leadership training program in Beirut (Lebanon).

In addition to his passion for coffee, Dara used to be an avid beekeeper before he moved to the U.S.

Dara believes that time and space play a big role in the process of healing.