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Margaret O'Sullivan
Executive Director
Pamela Jones-Burnley
Sr. Director of Business Operations & Process Improvement
Steven Larín, Esq.
Deputy Director
Gretchen Shanfeld, MPH
Senior Director of Program Operations and Strategic Growth
Tiffany Thompson
Director of Education and Economic Opportunity
Jonah Eaton
Director of Legal Services

Health and Wellness

Ariel Ressler MacNeill
Senior Manager of Health Access and Specialized Supports
Christina Kubica
Manager of Specialized Health Services
Kara Friesen
INSPIRE Coordinator
Gwen Soffer
Manager of Wellness Services
Renny Osuna
Ready4Life Case Manager
Homa Amad
Wellness Liaison and Interpreter
Nasiba Hussaini
INSPIRE Case Manager & Youth Group Facilitator
Colin MacFarlane
Youth Wellness Coordinator
Farwa Ahmadi
INSPIRE Case Manager
Moumena Saradar
Wellness Liaison and Interpreter
Christiana Taylor
INSPIRE Case Manager
Jackie McCann
Volunteer Coordinator
Najia Haidari
Wellness Liaison
Rezwan Natiq
Health Access Coordinator
Yulia Kashlyuk
Wellness Liaison and Interpreter
Nik Ahmadi
Wellness Liaison and Interpreter
Selemani Sikasabwa
Wellness Liaison and Interpreter

Survivor Services

Brenda Nogales, LL.M
Associate Director of Survivor Services
Cathy K. Jeong
Senior Manager of Survivor Services
Jocelyne Rico
Bridge to Wellness Case Manager
Agnieszka Grochowska
Senior Staff Attorney
Terez Varkonyi
Victims Services' Staff Attorney
Yalda Abidi
NRPP Case Manager
Sherehan Ndaita
PPR Case Manager
Bianca Taipe
Anti-Human Trafficking Case Manager
Brianna Andrews
PPR Case Manager
Maria Arreaga
Bridge to Wellness Case Manager


Ana Ortiz
Administrative Assistant
Daniel Wagman
Staff Assistant
Danielle Quinn
Development Associate

Translation and Interpretation

Harmony Meussner
Interpretation Project Manager
Greg Niedt
Senior Project Manager

Economic Empowerment

Nasr Saradar
Senior Manager of Economic Opportunity
Papa Faye
Matching Grant Case Manager
Lily Kozak
ERP Case Manager
Isabelle Schechter
Job Developer
Joel Sronce
Employment Coordinator
Amanda Etemad
Matching Grant Case Manager
Mónica Quiñones-Rivera
Vocational ESL Liaison
Megan Jenkins
YCRP Training Specialist
Julie Shaw
Job Developer
Banna Gebre
Employment Readiness and Placement Manager
Katherine Tan
Matching Grant Coordinator
Raghad Ayoub
Family Literacy Program Coordinator
Nuri Abdus-Salaam
RCP Vocational English Instructor
Nardos Beyene
Advancement Counselor
Olivia Brintlinger-Conn
RCP Career Coach
Eliana Stanislawski
Family Literacy Academic Instructor
Adelaide Kouassi
Matching Grant Case Manager
Betsy O'Neil Smith
Education Manager
Elissa McClain
Career Coach Coordinator
Emma Baylin
Job Developer
Jacquelyn Nava
Employment Readiness & Placement Case Manager

Data and Compliance

Mars Hohenstein
Data Entry Specialist
Carolyn Ziembo
Manager of Data and Quality
Hector L. Febo III
Fiscal and Data Specialist


Leyla Dursunova
Support Coordinator
Adi Altman
Manager of Welcome and Community Supports
Romana Gordynsky
Resettlement Case Manager
Eva Isabel Tirado Barrett
Resettlement Case Manager
Carly Aquino
Cultural Orientation Specialist

Legal Services

Pretty Martinez
Fund for Immigrant Justice Staff Attorney
Yomaira Tarula-Aranda
Legal Assistant
Lindsey Mossor
Staff Attorney
Carolina Parra
DOJ Accredited Representative
Kathryn Smith
Legal Assistant
Christina Smith
Immigrant Justice Staff Attorney
Ani Schug
DOJ Accredited Representative
Lilah Thompson
PAIFUP Staff Attorney
Whitney Viets
Staff Attorney