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Mental Health and Wellness

Resilience, put simply, is the ability to 'bounce back' from stress.

NSC strives to be a place of refuge, a safe place for our staff, interns, volunteers and clients. NSC is a trauma-informed organization and all staff are trained to be client-centered and trauma-responsive. Wellness is integrated into all areas of our work.  

Many immigrants and refugees experience war, conflict and community violence, separations from and losses of loved ones, and sometimes suffer personal harm. Mental Health experts in the United States consider these types of experiences to be traumatic in nature, often leaving people with the physiological and emotional residue of traumatic stress. In addition to pre-migration and migration experiences, immigrants and refugees commonly experience adjustment-related stress—stress associated with the many psychosocial challenges that come along with moving to a new country, culture and way of life.

NSC recognizes that it is critical to seek out, support and nurture each of our client’s inner resilience. Resilience, put simply, is the ability to “bounce back” from stress. When clients believe in themselves, they have hope to overcome the sometimes enormous obstacles that they face. Leaders in the field know that our human capacity for resilience is nurtured through our earliest relationships, and that the capacity for resilience continues to develop in the context of supportive relationships. For this reason, NSC promotes meaningful connections within our own organization, within the community and beyond.

NSC also focuses on addressing each of the eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, occupational, spiritual, social and financial.

                                                                           This is a picture of the eight dimensions of wellness.


NSC offers the following programming:

Screening:  All incoming refugees are carefully screened for depressive and anxious symptoms using the Refugee Health Screener-15, a nationally recognized, validated tool created by Pathways to Wellness in Seattle, WA.

Prevention:  All refugees are introduced to the concepts of stress and wellness, and are invited to participate in NSC’s Wellness Calendar. The Wellness Calendar includes activities such as Acupuncture, Therpeutic Massage, Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, nutrition and sleep education classes and a newcomer support group. We seek to provide prevention services across all eight dimensions of wellness.  

Healing:  NSC offers a monthly schedule of wellness activities, including psychosocial support groups, a yoga class, and a pop-up acupuncture clinic for clients adjusting to the United States. NSC offers onsite clinical therapy with language access (bilingual therapists or interpretation) to clients engaged in our case management programs as well as referrals and accompaniment to Behavioral Health and Psychiatric providers.

For more information about mental health and wellness programs, contact Gretchen Shanfeld (