Rezwan Natiq
Health Access Coordinator

Health and Wellness

Rezwan Natiq joined NSC in 2021 as Health Access Coordinator. Rezwan Natiq, is an SIV who came to Philadelphia on April 2019 together with his wife and children. He worked as an advocate for more than one and a half years helping most vulnerable pregnant women, their children and families to have access to Medicaid or affordable health insurance, stay on top of their health conditions and provided comprehensive child development, parenting and pregnancy education. He worked at leadership positions in Afghanistan where he’s originally from, serving as capacity building team leader for a US Department of Justice project for many years. He also owned a non- profit organization in Afghanistan and provided health and hygiene education to Afghan women and children. Dari/Farsi is his native language and he can speak English, Pashto, Urdu and Hindi languages as well.