Refugee Soccer Team to Compete in the Mayor's Unity Cup

NSC News 
We do not share a common language but for the love of soccer and our interest in making Philadelphia our new home.

NSC is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Refugee Soccer Team, chosen to compete in the 2017 Philadelphia International Unity Cup. The Unity Cup was established in 2016, designed to be a World Cup style tournament celebrating the diverse cultures present within Philadelphia.  

The team consists of 25 players who have fled persecution, war, and violence in their homelands, resettling in Philadelphia to start their lives anew. Our players come from countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo), and Syria, and have come together to share their common love of soccer. The team practices in their respective neighborhoods on varying schedules that accomidate their work schedules and comes together once a week at Penn Park in West Philadelphia. Follow our page in the coming weeks to follow their journey towards the Unity Cup, and the community this wonderful event has created.