ECFMG/FAIMER Sponsors NSC’s Thanksgiving Celebration

Partner News 

NSC is excited to share that the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER) are sponsoring the 15th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration! Employees from ECFMG/FAIMER, NSC staff, Board members and volunteers are expected to host and serve dinner to over 200 guests, including current and former NSC clients at the event. For many NSC clients who fled extreme violence and oppression in their home countries, this event will be their first Thanksgiving since arriving in the United States. In addition to sharing a meal together, the day will also feature a program of dancing, a special guest performance, and diverse music. There will also be a photo booth, sponsored by ECFMG/FAIMER, to provide family portraits for those attending the celebration.

“We are thrilled that ECFMG and FAIMER are sponsoring NSC’s 15th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration. Through breaking bread with us, ECFMG and FAIMER are helping us formally welcome immigrant and refugee clients to this incredible American tradition,” said Margaret O’Sullivan, NSC’s Executive Director.

ECFMG and FAIMER are private, non-profit organizations based in Philadelphia. Together, and in partnership with organizations around the world, ECFMG and FAIMER work to promote quality medical education and health care worldwide. ECFMG and FAIMER are leading experts on the world’s medical education systems and their graduates, the authenticity of physician credentials, the assessment of physicians, and research on physician migration and U.S. physician workforce issues. ECFMG and FAIMER offer programs and resources that serve global communities of medical educators and regulators; physicians and medical students; and those investigating issues in medical education, assessment, and health workforce planning. Learn more at and

The celebration will take place from 1-4pm on Saturday, November 23rd at Arch Street United Methodist Church (55 N. Broad, Philadelphia PA 19107). For more information, contact Danielle McGrogan at or click here.