NSC will be closed on Friday, June 18, in honor of the Juneteenth holiday.

Donate Goods

Currently, NSC is ONLY accepting donations for new refugee home setups where we would kindly ask donors to take donations to a refugee's home pre-arrival for contactless delivery. Other donations such as fans and school supplies will be special initiatives announced shortly. Thank you!

We are so grateful for your interest and generosity in donating items to Nationalities Service Center. NSC welcomes people from over 110 countries each year who have been forcibly uprooted and have lived in a state of uncertainty. Their home in the United States is often their first sense of ownership and permanency in many years, sometimes decades. During their flight and temporary living situation, clients have often lost their ability to choose for themselves, yielding instead to the rules, regulations and scarcity of limited resources. At NSC we have the opportunity to respect their journey and dignity by providing clients with quality goods for their new lives to call their own and personal items to help individuals and families feel more comfortable. Thank you again for choosing to donate to NSC.

Here are a few ways to help:

Gift Cards

NSC gratefully accepts Visa, American Express and Mastercard gift cards. We also appreciate gift cards to local food, department and clothing stores such as Target, Acme, Burlington, Wal-Mart, and ShopRite.

Why donate a gift card?
• Donating a gift card empowers choice for immigrants and refugees. 
• Our food, clothing, toiletries and household items say a lot about who we are. Each day we have the choice to define ourselves. Donate a gift card to empower them to make these small every day choices to define themselves.
• The gift cards donated to NSC will go directly to the client to allow them to buy the everyday supplies they need.

Donate a week of food in just a few clicks!

NSC provides all incoming refugees with a week’s worth of groceries and a hot meal upon arrival. After traveling for many hours, eating a hot, cooked meal helps refugees feel welcome and safe.  We are asking you, our supporters, friends and community members, to help us welcome refugees with the donation of these food items…and it only takes a few clicks!

1. Sign-up for an account at either Peapod by GIANT Food or Instacart.
2. Use this ethnic food list provided by NSC to fill your online cart.
3. Type in NSC’s address for delivery and checkout.

In addition to the produce, dry goods and cooking essentials, most of the vendors have prepared foods such as rotisserie chickens and side dishes, which can be easily heated for hot meals.  NSC also aims to keep some dry goods, canned meats and beans on hand in case of emergencies for our other clients so you are welcome to donate anytime.

You are also welcome to donate groceries and cook the hot meal yourself and drop it off to NSC prior to the refugee’s arrival.

Questions?  Contact Danielle Bossert, Refugee Resettlement Manager directly at 215-609-1539.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and making Philadelphia a welcoming place for refugees!

In-kind Goods

Must be NewMust be Like New

• Twin and Full size sheets, pillows, blankets and pillow cases
• Bath and hand towels, washcloths
• Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, toilet paper)
• Batteries
• Lightbulbs
• Sanitary supplies
• Diapers and wipes (Huggies, Pampers, Luvs)
• Notebooks and pens
• Shower curtain and hooks
• Bathroom rugs
• Trash cans for kitchen and bathroom
• Food Staples (Rice, canned meats, oil, salt, pepper, dried beans)
• Cleaning supplies (multipurpose cleaners, dish soap, laundry detergent, sponges and cleaning cloths)
• Mops and brooms
• Feminine hygiene products
• Family-sized first aid kits

• Small appliances - Rice cookers, hot plates, electric tea kettles
• Pack and plays                    
• Large stock pots
• Pots and Pans with lids
• Baking dishes and pans
• Cutlery
• Kitchen linens
• Neutral dinner plates and bowls
• Mixing/Serving bowls
• Drinking glasses and mugs
• Splatter screens
• Can openers
• Cooking & serving utensils
• Alarm clocks
• Clothing (comfortable, modest and professional attire; no undergarments or socks unless new)

Seasonal Items:
• Fans (during the summer)
• Coats, boots, scarves, hats & gloves (for children and adults during the winter)

• Please be considerate when donating used items. Remember that these items should be like new and in good, working, and/or wearable condition. If an item is in a condition that is unusable to you, then it will be unusable to refugees and immigrants. We do not accept items that are ripped, stained, overly-used, broken, or dirty, or used undergarments or socks. Items that are in good, working, and/or wearable condition bring dignity to our clients, and communicate to them that they are valued.

• When donating toiletries, NSC only accepts full size containers. No hotel or travel size toiletries please.

Donations can be dropped off to NSC at 1216 Arch Street, 4th floor during regular business hours: Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Items can also be donated as part of a Welcome Kit (download list below) or individually from the Wish List on Amazon and shipped directly to the NSC office. When donating through Amazon, please add your name and address to the donor information section so we can send you a donation receipt.

Questions? Contact donations@nscphila.org.